Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the European Society of Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons (ESPES) we have a great honour and pleasure to invite you to attend the 7th Annual Congress of the Society that will be held in Wroclaw, Poland.

Thanks to the efforts of many paediatric surgeons, our Society is a rapidly expanding community. To them we also owe our growing experience and knowledge about endoscopic surgery. The six years of The Society activity has proved to have important impact for paediatric endoscopic surgery development. The annual scientific Congress are direct platform for exchanging and sharing our experience and achievements, giving us the opportunity for new collaborations and friendschips.

The 7th ESPES Congress is also a good chance to discover a very long and amazing history of Wroclaw, the fourth largest city in Poland and historical capital of Lower Silesia region. You can find many famous medical names, connected to Wroclaw Medical University, among them Jan Mikulicz-Radecki, Hermann Johannes, Pfannenstiel, Jan Evangelista Purkynë, Alois Alzheimer, Ludwig Hirszfeld.

Wroclaw was elected for 2016th year as the European Capital of Culture - the culture centre of our continent. With your help, we will make Wroclaw the European capital of paediatric endoscopic surgeons of the year 2017.


Ciro Esposito President of ESPES

Dariusz Patkowski Congress Chairman


Please visit and register on